Moneybagg runtz


Moneybagg runtz is a hyped Cookies Family strain. Moneybagg Runtz is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato that is rare and sought-after.

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Moneybagg runtz

Moneybagg runtz is a hyped Cookies Family strain, it’s also  a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato that is rare and sought-after.

Celebrated for its incredibly fruity profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy, the strain has resin-drenched buds that range in color from rich purple to lime green.

Runtz is a rare strain to find, so not much is known to-date about this strain in regards to its THC and CBD content.

However, reviewers enjoy its sweet, fruity, and candy-like scent and taste as well as its spectrum of color.

Growers say this pressure has resin-drenched buds that range in color from wealthy purple to lime green. Runtz is widely known for its creamy smoke this is smooth and welcoming.

This strain produces euphoric and uplifting effects which can be acknowledged to be long-lasting.

Moneybagg runtz

moneybagg runtz strain – moneybagg yo runtz – moneybagg runtz bags. 

Coming out of LA, this strain’s candy-like smelling sweetness and colorful nugs lead to its naming.

A mix of Zkittlez and Gelato #33, this strain has a smooth flavor that mostly matches the smell, with additional tropical and earthy hints.

With a few different phenotypes, this hybrid strain can lean to either a more dominant sativa or indica.

These nugs produce thick resin layers which make it extremely potent in any form.

Perhaps that is why this strain is so elusive. Make sure to get your hands on this if you can; it’ll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Moneybagg runtz is a rare hybrid marijuana strain by Cookies. Runtz is one of those strains that you either know about or have to know about.

You can always check out our live menu for a fuller view of your options, but no matter who you are, this sweet bud will likely bring a smile to your face.

Runtz is a rare sativa strain to find, so not much is known to-date about its THC and CBD averages. However, reviewers enjoy its sweet, fruity, candy-like scent and taste

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