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White Fox delivers the pleasure of a clean, high-strength nicotine kick without tobacco. This all-white range boasts an array of mint-based flavors, such as sweet, smooth spearmint, fresh, crisp peppermint, and even mint and pepper for a touch of heat. For non-mint lovers, there is a rich, dark, and smokey tobacco-flavored product called Black, with notes of sweet rose. All of the nicotine contents offered by this brand are in the strong and extra-strong categories, starting at 16 mg/g and soaring to 30 mg/g, so it is exclusively for experienced users. You also have a choice between a slim and discreet format or a larger, full-sized pouch.

Available Flavours:

  • White Fox All White Slim Portion

  • White Fox Double Mint Slim

  • White Fox Full Charge

  • White Fox Peppered Mint Slim

  • White Fox Black Slim

NOTE: The Price is for a FULL ROLE Of 10 small boxes
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Product description

Who Manufactures White Fox Pouches? 

Behind all the best selling brands are excellent manufacturers. So, who is responsible for White Fox Nicotine Pouches? The answer is GN Tobacco, a well-known Swedish company based in Enköping. GN started its journey in 2004 making smokeless tobacco products. However, it was not until over a decade later that they would begin making products for the tobacco-free market. 

In 2019, the company released White Fox as its first all-white line. Many of the typical traits of GN’s traditional products, such as being strong and full-flavoured, were incorporated into the brand’s tobacco-free format. As a result, it filled a gap in the market that modern oral nicotine users longed for, which was something stronger than the rest. It did not take long for White Fox to become one of the best selling brands, as it came at a time when more nicotine was seen as better. After the success of this brand, GN launched its second tobacco-free range, HIT nicotine pouches, in 2022. 

What Are the Most Popular White Fox Nicotine Pouches Flavours? 

All White Fox nicotine pouch flavours have been popular since their release. But, like the VELO flavours, there are a few that stand out from the crowd, which are:

  1. White Fox Double Mint: This ultra-fresh tasting pouch combines the natural sharpness of peppermint with the icy, lip-numbing flavour of menthol for an unforgettably cooling kick. 
  2. White Fox Full Charge: Although Full Charge may hint at an intense flavour, the fact is that it is not. Its name describes the nicotine effect, rather than the taste, which is smooth, sweet and refreshing spearmint. 
  3. White Fox Black: Nestled amongst White Fox’s army of mint pouches is one without a mint flavour. Black has a sophisticated, unique tobacco taste with a rich smokey character and a delicate sweetness from the addition of rose. 

Most high tolerance, mint and tobacco loving nicotine users will agree that White Fox flavours are exceptional. Why? GN crafts each pouch using essential natural oils to enhance the intensity and fullness of the flavours and aromas. It is a clever addition, which is also seen in other GN brands, that keeps users coming back for more. 

White Fox Nicotine Strengths: Designed For Veterans

Many brands, such as KLINT all-white and On! nicotine pouches offer products covering the whole strength spectrum, from regular to extra-strong, to accommodate all users. This brand, however, is aimed at one group of users only, veterans. 

It ignores the lower mg ranges and instead focuses on the upper end of the spectrum, extra-strong. The White Fox nicotine strengths are 16 mg/g and 16.5 mg/g, which provide an ample dose to satisfy even the largest of cravings. Not only are the pouches packed full of vitamin N, but they are also optimised for the delivery of it in every way, as the pH, salt, and moisture levels are all in perfect balance for the most rapid, impactful release


The Two White Fox Formats: Slim and Large

Slim pouches are all the rage, as they fit comfortably under the lip and allow discreet use in any setting. As a result of this consumer demand, all but one of the White Fox products, Full Charge, come in a soft, slim format weighing 0.75 grams. Thanks to their small size and low weight, these pouches will not be noticeable to others throughout use. 

Some users do not need to be discreet and prefer a fuller, more immersive mouthfeel that slim products cannot offer, which is why the brand came out with a large format option. With the exception of Skruf Fresh Max #6, full-sized nicotine pouches are rare, but many users seek their benefits. White Fox’s large portions weigh a hefty 0.94 grams and, like the slim ones, are soft and pillow-like. But, they are plumper under the lip and have a larger surface area and fleece material to enhance the nicotine and flavour release. 


Unsure Whether to Buy White Fox Nicotine Pouches? Here’s What Users Love About This Brand

It can be tough to navigate the immense number of nicotine pouch brands and pick one. There are just so many, which can make you second guess whether the one you chose is the best. If, for this reason, you are uncertain if you should buy White Fox, it can help to know what fellow users enjoy about the brand to see if it aligns with your preferences. So, here are three features that users who buy nicotine pouches in the UK and the rest of Europe love about GN’s White Fox: 

  1. A clear indication of strength: There is nothing worse than being uncertain of how strong a pouch will be. Luckily, to combat this issue and make it easy to understand nicotine strengths, the brand has a simple paw scale from 1-5 on the side of each can, interpreted as more paws=more nicotine, and vice versa. 
  2. A long-lasting release: Thanks to the well-designed portion materials and inner contents, each White Fox pouch will last you upwards of 30 minutes to an hour, providing excellent bang for your buck. The release is intense at first, giving you satisfaction when you need it most before reducing to a long, consistent flow. 
  3. Striking container artwork: Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, the can design often plays a significant role in our thoughts of the product. White Fox comes in eye-catching cans that many users are proud to display and have a veterans-only look. 

All in all, White Fox is an established brand by a trusted manufacturer that has consistently ranked high in popularity since its release. Thousands of consumers keep a spot reserved for the products of this brand in their daily rotation, will you? 


White Fox All White Slim Portion, White Fox Black Slim, White Fox Double Mint Slim, White Fox Full Charge, White Fox Peppered Mint Slim


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